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How to Enroll

2024-25 School Year Enrollment

If you are interested in enrolling or in gathering  information for the 2024-25 school year, please call Albany Online at 541-967-4607 or 

Eligibility Requirements

Students in grades K-12 are eligible for this program. If your student lives within the Greater Albany School District  boundaries, you will need to enroll through your local neighborhood school, and indicate that you have an interest in Albany Online (AOL).  If you live outside the district, you will need to secure an inter-district transfer approval. For transfer information please visit the Transfer page (Families > Information > Transfer requests, or linked directly here).

All online students are required to have a Learning Coach, someone that will assist the student with technology issues as well as assist the student with their curriculum. The Learning Coach also assists the student in meeting deadlines and attendance requirements.  The Learning Coach may be the student’s guardian, an adult relative or an instructional tutor. Student’s success in the online program relies heavily on the Learning Coach’s involvement from enrollment to completion of the courses.

Albany Online families must provide internet access, at their home, for their student to complete the online classes. If you do not have an active internet service, please contact the FACT office (541-924-3720) for assistance and resources to help you secure internet BEFORE enrolling with AOL. All GAPS students qualify for a loaner computer which may be checked out from your neighborhood school or through Albany Online. Cell phones and tablets are not suggested and do not meet the technology needs to complete the online curriculum. Any laptop, desktop, or Chromebook will work with the online curriculum.

Students receiving Special Education services or ELD services are eligible to enroll with Albany Online. Services for IEP’s and ELL will be provided at the school sites and parents are responsible for transporting their students to receive those services.

GAPS students enrolled with Albany Online are eligible for all extra-curricular activities offered by their neighborhood school. Parents must coordinate with the school’s administration.

How to register?

To register  for the 2024/2025 school year, please visit the GAPS enrollment page for registration instructions. All students desiring enrollment with Albany Online must enroll through their neighborhood school first. Parents can then indicate an interest to enroll with Albany Online when attending the registration day scheduled in August. Students may enroll as full-time students or dual enrollment students. Dual enrollment allows the student to take classes at both their in-person school and online. Please talk with your neighborhood school administration or counselors to work out a schedule that best fits your student’s needs.

Enrollment into Albany Online  is a semester long commitment and will result in a letter grade that appears on the student’s report card.  Enrollment into AOL and return to in-person classes from AOL will occur only at the quarter or semester breaks.